September 21st, 2016

Encaustic: materials, information, & books:

R&F Paints
Evans Encaustic
Swan’s Candles (wholesale wax)
Dadant & Sons (wholesale wax)

New! My etsy shop for encaustic medium and paint

painters, artists:

magnolia laurie
lauren boilini
pamela phatsimo sunstrum
katherine fahey
steffi schott
monica cook
scott griffin
julio garcia
marcus kenney
zechariah vincent
rene trevino
preston orr
becky slemmons
maria raquel cochez
carly goss

blogs, organizations, music, et cetera, et cetera:

linda franklin
joseph young
Creative Alliance at the Patterson
Uncertain Times
Splice Today
Bmore Art
How We Dwell
Tommy Tucker’s Keep Good Time Video
caleb stine
Publishing Genius Press

…more to come…

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